Strobes and Blinders

The most dynamic shows require the most dynamic lighting

Matrix Blinder

Our  5×5 matrix blinder has an arrangement of 25 lenses. This means an unlimited amount of matrix effects, letters, and numbers can be produced. Each of the 25 3W LEDs can be individually controlled via DMX.  Also included are some great internal automatic programs.


Our stock of SGM revolutionary new LED strobes mean we can deliver the same output as conventional strobes from one fifth of the power.

Experience the extreme luminous output of nearly 3,000 pure white LEDs placed into three individually controllable LED segments. The X-5 makes it possi­ble to create unique effects never delivered before by a strobe.

The X-5 is a lightweight, compact and ultra-high performance LED strobe with an exceptionally low power consumption of only 4 Amps. The X-5 is a robust, state of the art LED fixture providing an alternative to traditional strobe.

Martin Atomic 3000

The workhorse of the strobe world and it might be the best stroboscope ever made. The Martin 3000 DMX is a very versatile stroboscope that can be fully controlled via DMX. This strobe is capable of flashing at such a high speed that the human eye will register the flashes as a continuous light beam. This means the strobe can also be used as a blinder. The strobe’s lamp has a power capacity of 3,000 watts and an impressive colour temperature of 5,600 K

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The Grand Hall

We were approached to provide the sound, lighting and entertainment for an exclusive wedding at The Grand Hall Bedford late 2017. The client had exacting requirements on the lighting and visual impact of the venue. The majority of the event would be taking place in the dull mid winter light and early sunset. We opted for static deep blues on our pixel battens to light the Victorian ceiling with areas highlighted with our HEX LED fixtures to add detail. Tables where spotted with a selection of white and filtered blue Par36. We were then able to keep overall light levels in the room down, whilst still providing adequate levels for the wedding breakfast. JHA Sharpie beams where used to bolster light levels as the evening went on and provided a dynamic light show for the evening entertainment.

Audio for the entire day was taken care of by a full Void Acoustics Air Motion system. Guests commented on the exceptional sound quality in the vast open space. All this whilst fitting in the décor of the venue. Microphones for speeches and announcements were provided as well as background music through the day.

Finally a starlit LED dancefloor was added behind the top table with the wedding cake centre stage as a focal point before the dancing.

Evening DJ duties were provided by the superb VJ Gary Bamford (Facebook VJ Gary)


Kit List

4x JHA Sharpie

4x Sunstrip

Void Acoustics Air Motion

16 JHA Pixel battens

12x JHA Hex Par

14 x 20′ Starlit Dancefloor


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LED Dancefloor Hire


LED Dancefloor Hire

Our pure white starlit dance floors have been very popular with brides all over the UK. Adding that extra bit of breath taking elegance to your special day. Opting for our starlit floors means you can decide whether the lights can be set in either static or twinkle modes. Sparkling away whilst your guests watch your first dance. We can provide these amazing dance floors in a variety of sizes. Meaning we can transform any area into a magical breath taking dancefloor perfect for those all important First Dance photographs and for partying the night away.

Each floor is delivered, polished and most of all left gleaming by our team of professionals. We ensure that they are always perfect for your special day.

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Showtech Vintage Blaze

Showtec Vintage Blaze 55

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Chamsys MQ80

Chamsys Hardware for hire

Artnet Nodes – 5x 3Way Art-net nodes provide plenty of options to discerning lighting designers on even the largest projects.

MQ60 – 12 Universe stand alone desk great for smaller jobs and production work

MQ80 – 24 Universe stand alone desk for those larger jobs where more prossesing power is needed.

PC Wing – Controller designed to run with our MagicQ custom PC for a total of 64 universes and full HD rendering of visuals.

The MagicQ MQ80 is an extremely powerful console in a small size, supporting 24 universes direct from the console. The large central touch screen provides easy access to all MagicQ features and display and selection from full lighting plots.

  • 24 Universes
  • 10 Playback faders, 200 Pages
  • 20 Execute buttons
  • 202 virtual playbacks
  • Internal Ethernet Switch
  • In-built UPS
  • External monitor (full HD, can be touch)
  • Includes MIDI, Audio and Timecode input support
  • Free MagicVis visualiser app
  • Free MagicHD media player app
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

MagicQ MQ80 features the same flexible lighting control, media server connectivity and in-built Pixel Mapper found in all MagicQ consoles, and uses the same software and show formats, enabling compatibility between all MagicQ products.

MagicQ software features include easy patching from a library of 20,000 fixture personalities, simple attribute selection and programming, flexible live lighting control and a powerful inbuilt Pixel Mapper.

MQ80 can be connected via network to a PC or Mac running ChamSys free MagicVis lighting visualisation software for full visualisation of all the universes at no extra cost.

The desk can also be connected via network to a PC or Mac running ChamSys free MagicHD media player software for output of up to 8 layers of HD media at no extra cost.

MagicQ MQ80 incorporates high reliability components, including high durability metal Neutrik Ethercon locking connectors for easy and reliable networking. As with other MagicQ consoles, the Ethernet switch is protected by the UPS, thus ensuring that both the console and the network switch maintain operation even during a power loss.


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