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ETEC RGB Fan – Video Link

The ETEC LED Fan 7070 is a unique LED effect, you may have seen it in major TV studios, festivals and large stage shows. The fan is equipped with a total of 792 SMD 5050 RGB LEDs and creates unique effects through the rotation. The LEDs are divided into two segments each and can be controlled via DMX as a stroboscopic effect and with RGB color mixing. The rotation speed and direction can also be set variably via DMX.

The unit measures approx 1m x 1m and comes with various rigging points. 3 and 5 pin dmx inputs allow various options to lighting operators, power is provided my powercon in and out connections.


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mini star

The new JHA Mini Star is a compact and highly versatile unit. The 7x 15w RGBW LEDs which all pixel mappable provide the huge light output. With lighting fast pan and tilt coupled with a powerful zoom range make this a fantastic unit for all types of event.

The wide zoom range allow the fixture to be used as a beam effect or a stage wash light.

Pixel control of the 7 LEDs allow for eye candy effects. Either through 22ch DMX or built in macros for simple show programming.

Shipped in a light case of 6 with clamps and Powercon – 16a T-Line the JHA Mini Star is great choice for any size show.


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In hesitation the 2021 season, we have again increased Stocks of 1x2m aluminium stage panels have once again been bolstered to meet ever increasing demand for lightweight staging requirements.

Stock levels have now been increased to 64 units of 1x2m deck and various other useful sizes for use as tables bars and DJ risers.

Stage legs of various heights between 10cm and 100cm are also carried from stock.

Stage valance and railings and steps are also available for all stage heights and sizes.

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